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    Off to Lake of the Mountain - 2016


    Andy burning-up the road


    Riders on Deer Ridge at HIghway 2



    Riders arrive at Horne's Ferry dock


    Riders at Upper Brewers Mills Lock


    Opinicon Road in the spring.

The Road Ahead  : Upcoming Rides

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Latest Updates

This week's rides on Ride with GPS (RWGPS)

No regular club rides scheduled for this week. Next scheduled rides are on October 1st. The maps and routes for those rides are available on RWGPS.

Ride Report for 2016 Weeklong

The ride report for the 2016 Weeklong ride to Montreal has be posted on the Ride Reports page.

City of Kingston Cycling Map

The cycling map has been updated so the link at the bottom of the home page has been removed. You will now find an entry in the footer of the KVC pages linking to the City of Kingston Cycling page. This page will contain up-to-date cycling information. Look for the Cycle Lanes Map on the city page.

New Ride Maps and Routes

Ride with GPS is now here! See the Routes and Maps page for additional details. All club members should have received an email invitation to join the Ride with GPS service to gain access to the Kingston Velo Club page. If you are a member and did not receive an invitation, please contact Wayne Bower. A link to the KVC Club Page on "Ride with GPS" has been added on the left menu bar next to the Facebook link.

Website Page Updates

A new KVC Ride Sign-in Sheet and Guest Waiver form has been posted -- see the Ride Leader Info page.

An update on the Extended Tour page provides information on the multi-day tours and a look back on 10 years of KVC Cycle Touring, including details on the upcoming 2016 weeklong tour.

2016 Membership Application Information

The 2016 membership drive is on now. Try out the new online registration process. Additional details and registration are available on the Membership Page

KVC 2015 AGM Minutes

The 2015 AGM minutes have been posted. They are DRAFT only since they will need be approved at the 2016 AGM on October 23rd.

KVC Facebook Group

A Facebook group has been created to allow members of the KVC to share information related to their activities in the club. It was set up as a public Facebook group to publicize KVC events and activities with the general public. However, membership, and therefore the ability to post information in this Facebook group will be limited to members of the Kingston Velo Club. Click on the Facebook link to the left to access the group.

Members of the KVC who have a Facebook account, please request membership to the KVC Facebook group and start posting information and photos from the past riding season. Let's show everyone the benefits and fun in being a member of the Kingston Velo Club.


If you're interested in a club jersey, send an e-mail Robert (rtolley@theiet.org) to see if  one in your size is still available.  Only $65 for members ($80 for non-members).


Local cycle stores offer discounts from 10% to 15% to KVC members, click on the Sponsors Page for details.